Periodontal Surgery

Surgical treatment for periodontitis restores the natural design and function of deteriorated jaw bone that’s necessary to support teeth and dental implants. Our experienced team of periodontist in St. Louis Park perform perio surgery to rebuild structures in preparation for implants and for functional procedures. Your total health is always our focus.

Periodontal Dental Implant Preparation

In some cases, before dental implants can be placed, some periodontal procedures may be required to rebuild structures needed to support the implant.

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Functional Periodontal Procedures

Functional Periodontal procedures are designed to correct the health or function of structures that support your teeth. These can include correcting the gum line in order to expose more of a tooth before restorative procedures, removing excess tissue that connects the lower and upper lips, or treating deep pockets in your gum line before a deep cleaning.

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Sedation uses medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry can help with the anxiety some people experience when going to the dentist.

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